Discover Art in Overland Park

Discover Art in Overland Park 

Overland Park’s Public Art Master Plan guides when, where and what type of art will be installed.  Enjoy the sculpture collection as you walk, run, cycle and drive in Overland Park.

Master Plan

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U.S - Chinese Sculpture Collection at the Arboretum

Internationally renowned sculptor and Olathe resident Kwan Wu approached the City of Overland Park in 2010 about establishing a location for a US-Chinese cultural exchange sculpture collection.

The City Council agreed to accept and host the collection in temporary space at the Arboretum until a permanent home could be developed on the site.

Chinese artists and benefactors contributed the art. The International Sculpture Foundation funded the shipment of the sculptures from China and the cultural exchange activities held when they were installed at the Arboretum from 2011 to 2013.

To tour the collection, begin your walk just south of the EEVC. There are 25 pieces to view.

Art at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center
The Tomahawk Ridge Community Center has 26 pieces of the city's permanent collection in addition to the art gallery. All are available for daily viewing (pictured is Large Pod Forms by Liz Vercruysee). Art at the Center is a unique, not-for-profit gallery space that offers local, regional and national artists, both professional and amateur, an opportunity to showcase their work in the heart of Overland Park. All art is for sale, unless otherwise noted. Gallery commission and sales taxes applyClosed Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission is free. The Juried Exhibition features art from all across the nation. This year William Rose, Kansas City artist notable for the Royal's world series mural, selected from 539 pieces of art the 82 show entrants. Of those, he choose 12 pieces to receive awards provided by the Friends of OP Arts. How to Feature Your Art Exhibition Schedule
A Great Place to Land

A Great Place to Land by Gary Kahle

This sculpture of stylized birds in flight marks the entrance to downtown and the site of a historic airfield. Media: Stainless Steel. Donated in part by Friends of OP Arts.
William B. Strang

William B. Strang by Kwan Wu

Mr. Strang watches the sun rise over the city he founded. A small fob of his first streetcar, the Ogerita, dangles from his pocket watch chain. Media: Bronze
Song of Tomorrow

Song of Tomorrow by Kwan Wu

Commissioned to recognize the historic import of the area and the modern concerts that fill this park, this sculpture strikes the right chord.

Blackbird by Larry Young

Blackbird landed at City Hall in 2011, created by Larry Young of Columbia, Missouri, a former Olympic medalist and preeminent sculptor.
Art at Matt Ross Community Center
The Matt Ross Community Center hosts a variety of art pieces from the complex Millennium Arc by Brent Collins (pictured) to the soft evening sunset by Rich Bowman. Permanent Collections
City Hall Collection
City Hall hosts a small but interesting series of sketches showing scenes from old Overland Park, art from our sister city and more (pictured is Marbles by M. Alfie).
Pierced Sky

Pierced Sky by Matthew Kirby

The 18-foot tall steel, glass and aluminum sculpture was inspired by physics theories and is a tribute to the late Barton Cohen. Media: Steel, Glass, Aluminum.

Soaring by Dennis Smith

To artist Dennis Smith, a representation of a child is a metaphor for life. Soaring, is a joyous reflection of the lively play that fills Roe Park. Media: Bronze.
Spirit of Dick Molamphy

Spirit of Dick Molamphy by Arlie Regier

Created by the renowned Arlie Regier, this is a tribute to Dick Molamphy, the executive vice president of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce from 1967 to 1984. Media: Stainless Steel.

Converge by Steven Richardson

Meant to celebrate the purpose of the Convention Center where people come together, this piece by Steven Richardson is mounted in the central circle drive. Media: Stainless Steel and Cor-ten Steel.
Convention Center Collection
This collection of more than 70 pieces is designed to illustrate our history, our values and the beauty of our community (pictured is Late Sunday by Jane Pronko). Permanent Collections
Hybrid Circle

Hybrid Circle by Devin Laurence Field

This stainless steel sculpture is located in the center of the City Place development and was installed in the Spring of 2016.
Shim Sham Shimmy

Shim Sham Shimmy by David Stromeyer

Shim Sham Shimmy, an 18-foot high, 26-foot diameter sculpture of painted steel, references the area's importance in jazz development and is named for a dance. Media: Painted Steel.

Remembering by Charles Goslin

Goslin created this larger than life soldier and field cross to honor those who served in the Korean War. Media: Bronze.
Overland Park 9/11 Memorial

Overland Park 9/11 Memorial by Mike Christianer

Built entirely with private donations, the 9/11 Memorial was built to remember and honor the victims and educate visitors about the tragic events and heroic efforts of Sept. 11, 2001, a day in the nation's history that will forever be remembered.
Art at Deanna Rose Farmstead
View the sculptures when visiting the Farmstead.  Pictured here is Lilly by Mary Lynn Swafford, which is a gift of the Friends of the Farmstead. Media: Bronze.
Art at the Arboretum
View the sculptures when visiting the Arboretum.  Pictured here is Money by Gary Lee Price, donated by Clay Blair. Media: Bronze. Permanent Collections

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