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The success of the Arboretum would not be possible without donations from generous supporters. Since 1990, the Arboretum has grown because of a successful public-private partnership between the Friends of the Arboretum, part of The Arts & Recreation Foundation of Overland Park, a 501(c)(3) organization, and the City of Overland Park. The Arboretum relies heavily on private funding to fulfill the important roles we play throughout the Kansas City area as an educational provider, environmental steward, tourist destination and economic catalyst.

The Arboretum is a valuable community asset and resource that must be preserved and enhanced for present and future visitors. When you give a gift to the Friends of the Arboretum, you give a gift to the entire community. Future generations will thank you.



Friends of the Arboretum

P. O. Box 26392

Overland Park, KS 66225


Use these quick links to donate or purchase a tribute gift by credit card online.

These gifts of any size - large or small - help FOTA support the education department, children's activities, the birding program, planning for future enhancements, and more..

Contact us with questions or for further information about the availability and locations of all the following donor opportunities and to complete your purchase.

Growing to Inspire Campaign

Long ago, Overland Park had the foresight to acquire and set aside 300 acres of land as the City’s Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. In this, we are truly fortunate. Now, that legacy has been passed on to us . . . a responsibility to nurture and grow for your children and your children’s children. If you believe that the preservation of communal spaces, cultural amenities, and quality of life are important to keeping Overland Park an outstanding place to live, work, and raise your family, then enhancing and expanding the Arboretum and Botanical Garden through the Growing to Inspire capital campaign deserves your support. Learn more.


Nature Encounter For All Campaign

An accessible education and nature experience is coming to the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Make a contribution today to empower all with the freedom to explore! Learn more.



The Haake Celebration Terrace, established in 2011, is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone, recognize someone special, or pay tribute to a loved one. Create a personalized message that will be inscribed on the paver. Prices vary by size. Please note that 12x12 and 12x18 horizontal paver options are no longer available.

  • 18x12 Vertical: $500 
  • 24x12 Horizontal: (sold out)
  • 18x18 Square: $800 
  • 18x24 Horizontal: $1,000 
  • 18x30 Horizontal: $1,250 (only one remaining, please email us to inquire about availability)
  • 24x24 Square: $1,500

Pavers may be ordered online, but we recommend that you consult with us so that we are able to fully explain the program, confirm the availability of the size you want to purchase, and answer questions. Please email us.

Celebration Terrace Brochure.

Celebration Terrace Engraving Specifications.

Gift notification announcement.

Seasonal Color

Sponsorship of a flower bed for a season is a beautiful way to honor your family or organization or to memorialize a loved one. Select a tranquil woodland area or a colorful flower bed in the gardens. A marker with your name will be placed in the sponsored area for each year of sponsorship. Multi-year commitments are available. Call or email for a tour of the available flower beds and more information.

$500 per year, per bed

Train Garden

Opportunities abound in the metro area’s only public G-scale Train Garden, a strikingly popular Arboretum feature.

Brick on the Axial Walkway: $500

Plaque on Railroad Tie: $1,000

Leatherwood Depot Custom Furnishings: $10,000

Train Garden bricks and railway tie plaques may be ordered online, but we recommend that you consult with us so that we are able to fully explain the program and answer questions. Please email us.

Engraving specifications for bricks and railway tie plaques.


Benches add to the beauty of the Arboretum and create opportunities for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. They are selected to blend with the design and spatial relations of each garden and trail.  Donations provide for the benches as well as the maintenance of the surrounding area for a period of 10 years.  To learn more about availability and pricing, please email us.

Bench Donation Policy

Major Giving Opportunities

A 27-year history of major gifts has played a tremendous part in the Arboretum’s growth. There are numerous opportunities for generous benefactors to support their community and this cultural asset with major gifts which are tax-deductible and provide naming opportunities.

The current focus at the Arboretum is the Growing to Inspire capital campaign to build the new Visitor Center and phase 1 of the sculpture garden, but donors may also make a major contribution for the benefit of the Arboretum and receive recognition on the following major features already constructed for gifts at the levels indicated.


Environmental Education Center


The current portal for all visitors is scheduled to become the Environmental Education Center after completion of the new Visitor Center. Featuring its gorgeous stone fireplace, It will continue to be filled with engaging displays and touchable artifacts. It’s the site of many exhibits, events, trainings, and educational sessions.

Train Garden


With the all planned components of the Train Garden now complete and operating, the Train Garden is one of the most-visited parts of the gardens.

Lakeside Amphitheater


The Lakeside Amphitheater is a beautiful space where loved ones share their special days, groups practice T’ai Chi and families share picnics. Margaret’s Pond provides a beautiful backdrop.

Freight House in the Train Garden


The Freight House provides a repair and maintenance workshop to keep the trains running. The deck on the south end makes a wonderful stage for entertainment, storytelling and other activities throughout the year. We couldn't keep the trains running without this valuable addition to the Train Garden.


Monet Bridge


Crossing from the Allee to the Sunset Garden, the wisteria-covered bridge is inspired by Monet’s actual bridge at Giverny, France. The bridge is the most photographed and painted feature at the Arboretum.



Spanning the north side of Margaret’s Pond, the Boardwalk is a special place where visitors stop to enjoy the fish and turtles as they listen to the sound of falling water.

Legacy Bridge


Visitors take in views of the Bald Cypress Grove as they cross this bridge during their relaxed descent through the Legacy Garden.


$15,000 each

Call for an informative tour of each available trail to match your love of the natural environment with the trail of your choice.

Rocky Ridge

Hikers enjoy a stimulating trek as they move from the Cedar Grove through redbuds and shagbark hickories.

Bluff Loop

This beautiful trail winds around Wolf Creek and then past limestone outcroppings making it a popular challenge for hikers from the entire Metro.

Cottonwood Trail

One of our most "visible" trails, Cottonwood is the entryway to the forest for nearly all of our hiking visitors and home to the Bird Yard.

West Trail

Unlike the other 3 trails, West Trail winds along the opposite side of Wolf Creek and is a great place to spot deer.