Vicki Lilly wins the Richard A. “Rick” Worrel Community Legacy Award

We are so very excited to share that Vicki Lilly, executive director of the Arts & Recreation Foundation of Overland Park (ARFOP), is the 2023 recipient of the Richard A. “Rick” Worrel Community Legacy Award, presented by the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber established the Worrel Award in 2019 to honor longtime community leader Rick Worrel and to recognize individuals who exemplify Worrel’s legacy of lifetime service to the community. All of us in the ARFOP community know that Vicki embodies that very sentiment and her love for our community is evident.

“I knew Rick Worrel very well. And I know he is smiling now knowing Vicki received this award in his honor,” said Phil Bressler, President of the ARFOP Board. “He would say congrats and a job well done. And then he would say – now get back to work! I’m fortunate to work alongside Vicki, and Overland Park is so much better because of her.”

Vicki first served ARFOP as a member of its board of directors for ten years, and as its president for five, before changing roles to become its leading advocate as its staff director. In that time, Vicki has left her mark on the City of Overland Park. From signature community events like Stems: A Garden Soiree at the Arboretum and Night of the Living Farm at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead to the Arboretum’s new LongHouse visitor center and the Farmstead’s currently-being-built Draft Horse Depot, Vicki’s hard work and passion is evident.

“Vicki’s dedication and commitment to the Overland Park community has been tremendous,” said Jeremy Myers, the City of Overland Park’s Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Services. “She is an advocate for philanthropic ideas and works to make them a reality for the betterment of the community. The Arts and Recreation Foundation of Overland Park and the City of Overland Park have a wonderful partnership to develop outstanding services, facilities and art throughout Overland Park.”

The ARFOP family is so proud of Vicki and the Overland Park community is so fortunate to be the recipient of her efforts. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Vicki for her service!


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