Frequently Asked Questions


Guests have been enjoying Stems: A Garden Soirée since 2008. If you have not attended before, we hope this information answers your questions.


What do we wear?

Comfortable shoes are a must! Women wear sundresses, capri pants, etc.—anything you’d wear to a patio party or other dressy outdoor event. The photos in the Stems Photo Galleries will give you an idea of what others have worn. Men wear Hawaiian or golf shirts and casual pants. If temperatures are above normal, shorts are appropriate. Jeans are not appropriate.

What about the weather?

The only reason the party would not go on would be an immediate danger due to severe weather. If that were the case, emergency personnel would not allow guests to enter the Arboretum. General policy is that all events are held rain or shine, with the exception of severe/dangerous conditions. Guest safety is our primary concern. When severe weather conditions exist, we may choose to delay or cancel the event. If a weather-related delay is needed during an event, we will communicate decisions to guests via public address system, event staff & volunteers, and social media. Guests may be asked to evacuate the event. When and if the event reopens will be determined on a case by case scenario depending on time of day, weather forecast, and whether the venue is deemed safe. No refunds for any reason including inclement weather.

What beverages will be available?

A variety of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and bottled water will be served. Guests will receive a hand-painted wine glass to use throughout the evening and take home as a Stems souvenir. Is the party appropriate for children? No. Only guests 21 years or older will be admitted. This will be strictly enforced.

What kind of food is served?

There’ll be a wide variety of tasty tidbits (many much more generous than a tidbit!). Past menu items have included crab cakes, sliders, barbeque, chicken Marsala, orange shrimp, tiramisu, fruit crépes, crab & shrimp ceviché, prime rib sandwiches, an antipasto buffet, and fried cheesecake. There will be tables along the walking paths at which to stop and enjoy the food. There is limited seating, but many places to stop and eat along the walkways. Part of the fun of the party is to enjoy all the entertainment offerings and the many beautiful areas of the botanical gardens.

What’s the parking situation?

Parking is available at our on-site Arboretum lots at no additional cost. Patron tickets include access to VIP premium parking.

What about bugs on a warm June night in Kansas?

Each guest will receive a bug band to wear during the party. Additionally, insect repellant sprays will be in the restroom areas and supplies of towelettes will be at the beverage stations. Once opened, bug bands are effective for up to 30 days—so keep and re-use on the 4th of July!

Is there any reason to stay until the end of the party?

Yes! There will be a fireworks display to cap off the evening. Then drive home safely! What accommodations are available for those with disabilities? The Arboretum is ADA accessible. All Stems features and attractions will be situated along the concrete walkways that accommodate wheel chairs. Emergency personnel will be on property. Is there lighting at the Arboretum? There is limited permanent outdoor lighting. At dusk, we will light the walkways. Food and beverage serving areas will be lit. Emergency lighting will illuminate the parking lot at dark. If you have a question not answered here, please email:  We hope you enjoy Stems: A Garden Soirée.