Grandkids’ visits to the Arboretum make a lasting impact

“We’ve gone to the Arboretum for years, but until recently, I didn’t realize the positive influence it was having on my grandkids,” says Linda.

Linda’s seven-year-old granddaughter, Lily, is interested in art and nature and finds inspiration at the Monet and Train Gardens at the Arboretum. She regularly paints flowers, and her visits to the Arboretum inspired her to pot and grow her own plants at home last summer. Lily especially enjoyed the summer-long Enchanted Forest exhibit’s accompanying enrichment classes.

Lily’s 10-year-old brother, Logan, picked the Arboretum to fulfill a class writing assignment about a unique place in Kansas. He researched the venue’s 37-year history, the thousands of trees and flowers that grow there and the more than 10 gardens in the 300-acre space. Logan particularly enjoyed taking his own photos and putting together a video for his project.

“My grandkids’ interest in the Arboretum reinforces for me that our visits together really mean something to them,” Linda said.

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