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Enchanted Forest Art Class – Make an Enchanted Costume

August 3, 2017

9:30 a.m.-11 a.m.


As part of the Arboretum’s Enchanted Forest Exhibit of the homes of the magical inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, we are pleased to offer a series of classes in several fields of art exploration for children on Thursday mornings throughout the summer. Most classes are recommended for children ages 6-10. Adult presence is required.

Choose your classes, and register soon. Last year, classes filled up fast!

June 1, July 20 or August 31 – Build A Gnome Home
  • After exploring the Enchanted Forest, we will gather to make our own. We will teach you about building and construction. We provide all the details to make your Gnome home unique and all your own.
June 8 or July 27 – Write an Enchanted Story
  • The Enchanted Forest will spark your creativity. We will build our own stories about the Gnomes and all of the enchanted creatures that live in the forest. Then write them down and share with each other using puppet you have made.
June 15 or August 3 – Make an Enchanted Costume
  • The Enchanted Forest isn’t just for the gnomes! Fairies, nymphs, trolls, goblins and elves also play in the forest. You can become one for the day by making a costume with us.
June 29 or August 10 – Perform an Enchanted Play
  • The Enchanted Forest has many stories written about it, we will take one of those stories and act it out. Become a Gnome or Fairy and tell a story to the audience.
July 6 or August 17 – Create an Enchanted Painting
  • We will learn about how to draw faces and you will draw your own using your new skills. We will then transform that self portrait to make you an enchanted character. Will you be a gnome, a knight, an elf or a troll? Recommended for ages 8-14.
July 13 or August 24 – Create an Enchanted Room
  • Explore our Gnome Village in the Enchanted Forest. We will then work to build your own Gnome room to take home with you. Add your own special details to create a magical place for Gnomes to live. Recommended for ages 6-10.​





Event Details

August 3, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
(913) 685-3604