National Phenology Network

How to Create Your Personal USA-NPN Nature’s Notebook Account

  1. Once you are connected to the internet, go to

  1. On the home page, scroll down and look to the right. Find the Nature’s Notebook Website green bar arrow and click it once.

  1. On the Nature’s Notebook home page, look down and to the right for the orange Become an Observer bar arrow. Click it once.

  1. On the Nature’s Notebook page, click the orange Become an Observer Now bar arrow once.

  1. Fill out all the information on this page in every required box that has a red asterisk. Be sure to jot down the username and password you enter and memorize it so you can log into your account again later.

  1. To designate Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens as your observation location, click the + sign in front of Botanic Gardens and Arboretums to open all of the possible botanic gardens and arboretums available to select.

  1. Scroll down the list and click once in the box in front of Overland Park Arboretum so a checkmark appears in the box.

  1. Click the box once in the Terms of Use section in front of the “I agree with the USA-NPN Website Terms of Use” statement. Next, in the Terms of Use section, click the box in front of the “I’m not a robot” statement. Last, click once on the orange Create a New Account bar arrow.

  1. That’s it! You are now a citizen observer for NPN’s Nature Notebook!

How to Submit Your Important Overland Park Arboretum Tree Observations

Once you have registered as an NPN Nature’s Notebook citizen observer and opened your account:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. On the lower right, click the green Nature’s Notebook Website bar arrow.
  3. On the Nature’s Notebook website, on the upper right click the Log In gray box.

  1. On the Log In page, sign in to your Nature’s Notebook account by entering the email address or username and then the password you chose to use in the appropriate boxes. Click the orange Log In button once.

  1. On the upper left, click the gray My Observation Deck button once.

  1. Scroll down the My Observation Deck page until you reach the Observations section with four boxes. In the first Sites area, you should see Overland Park Arboretum automatically selected as the site.
  2. In the Sites box options list, select NPN Tree Trail by clicking it once so it turns blue.

  1. Just to the right in the My Plants and Animals area, each of the Arboretum’s NPN trees for observations are listed.

  1. If you wish, you can view more detailed information for each tree in the third area to the right, Details for This Organism.
  2. You enter your Arboretum NPN tree observations in the fourth area on the right named Enter Observations.
  3. For more detailed information about making these observations, you can go to the How to Observe Handbook located at

NOTE: If you prefer to enter your observations on your smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop PC or a laptop, you must first download the Nature’s Notebook mobile app for Android and iPhone first and then enter your log-in email address or username and your password to open your account.

  1. In the Enter Observations area, click Enter Observation Data once. The Enter Observation page opens.

  1. To enter your observation data for any of the Overland Park Arboretum trees listed, click the tree name once. For example, if you click American Sycamore-1, the American Sycamore-1 observation documentation area opens.

  1. Select the appropriate options that match with your observations that day.

TIP: If you hover over a green observation question, more detailed information about the question will appear in a pop-up box. In this example, hovering your mouse cursor over the first question “Do you see breaking leaf buds?” provides this additional helpful information defining what a leaf bud is and how it should look to select Y for yes, N for no, or ? if you aren’t sure about the answer. Select the appropriate option that matches your observation about the tree’s current condition for each question. You can select Y for yes, N for no, and ? if you aren’t sure. To erase your answer to a question, click what you selected one time again.

  1. If you select Y for yes, next click the What Value? drop-down box to reveal the options for that question. For example, if you observe breaking leaf buds on the American Sycamore-1 tree and select Y for yes, when you click the What Value? drop-down, these options to select will appear.

  1. Continue answering each question for every tree you observe until your observations are complete.

NOTE: You can answer these same questions for every tree on your smartphone or tablet as well if you have already installed the Nature’s Notebook mobile app and are logged in to your Nature’s Notebook account. Even if there is a weak or no phone signal at the Arboretum, you can still enter your observations on your phone or tablet and then leave the app open on your phone. When you get back to a strong signal area, you can then submit your observations at that time.

  1. When you are done with all of your tree observations and are ready to submit them, at the bottom of the Enter Observations page ensure the site where your plant or animal is located is displaying NPN Tree Trail.
  2. At the very bottom of the Enter Observation page, to submit your observations click the orange Submit Observations button once.

  1. Your observations are now submitted and will be added to all the other citizen scientists’ data entries for the Arboretum’s NPN-designated trees!

Thank you for adding to the growing base of knowledge about our Overland Park Arboretum NPN trees!

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