Fun Learning Activities for the Whole Family - Treasure Hunts!


Geocaching is an exciting ‘treasure hunt’ activity that’s being played today all over the world. Using a hand-held GPS device or GPS-enabled mobile phone, players set co- ordinates and head out to find hidden containers, or ‘geocaches.’ While geocaching is played virtually everywhere, the Arboretum’s beautiful grounds are a perfect location for this fun-filled game. Learn about the Arboretum and have fun at the same time as you experience this outdoor adventure.

How to play GeoArboretum
  • Purchase a GeoArboretum Passport and Clue Sheet at the Visitors Center.
  • There are eight caches hidden at the Arboretum – one in each of the Arboretum’s eight unique eco-systems. The Passport has a page for each ecosystem with coordinates to the geocache container found there.
  • Once you find the cache, use the stamp and inkpad found in the container to stamp the Passport page for the eco-system you just found, write your name in the log, and take a bookmark from the container to keep for yourself.
  • Close the container and put it back exactly where you found it. Select coordinates for another ecosystem and head out on your next search.
  • We hope you had fun finding all the caches. (The game doesn’t have to be completed in a single day.)
GeoArboretum Classes

The Arboretum offers periodic GeoArboretum classes for 7 through adult, providing an opportunity to learn more about GeoCaching.The use of one of the Arboretum's  GPS units is included with the class. Adult supervision/participation is required.

Note: GeoArboretum takes it’s inspiration from – but has no affiliation with – the world-wide geocaching experience described on the website Geocaches hidden at the Arboretum, as a part of that program, are neither managed nor maintained by the Arboretum.

Register for a 2017 GeoArboretum Class: April 22, June 3, September 9.

GeoKids Classes (learn about maps and using a compass)

Come to one of our GeoKids classes offered several times during the year at the Arboretum. GeoKids classes familiarize younger people with maps and compasses and briefly touch on GPS’s and GeoCaching. Children must be age 7-11, and adult participation/supervision is required.

Each Class consists of a brief classroom-style presentation on maps, directions and how to orient a compass, followed by a compass-based treasure hunt for prizes with educational stops along the way. With their compasses and following a specified number of “paces,” the young participants proceed in a certain direction to a specified point then change direction, proceed to another point, etc.

The GeoKids compass course is set up outside in the Stous Prominade and is easier and smaller than the regular GeoArboretum course for adults. The Arboretum owns a supply of compasses to loan out during the class.

Register for a 2017 GeoKids Class: May 13, June 14, July 20, September 23, October 14.

Classes are limited to 16 children.


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