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 (pictured above: China Town)


  • Interested in tips from our own Karen Kerkhoff and Anne Wildeboor, OP Arboretum Horticulturists, on making your spring garden spectacular? Click on each image to watch a short video. Anne's and Karen's expertise and enthusiasm will inspire you to get planting!!


Bulbs for the Shade Planting Frequency Small Daffodils


Planning Bloom Time Tips for the Novice Large Daffodils


 Bulb Planting Tips Gudoshnik Tulip Tulips as Annuals


When someone mentions the word bulbs, what image does your mind conjure up, a light bulb, or the brightly colored tulip or daffodil?

These are images we have of bulbs; but for the avid gardener, the latter should come to mind.

Bulbs have long been a favorite in many gardens, and there are much more than tulips and daffodils for the gardener to grow. In fact, there is a type of bulb for almost every letter in the alphabet.

(pictured: Tulip Sorbet)

Bulbs are popular with the gardener for many reasons.

Once planted, many bulbs will maintain themselves for years with a minimum amount of care. Many of the flowers planted such as annuals and perennials have relatively short bloom periods, but with a well-planned bulb garden the bloom period can extend from late winter right through the fall with many colors and plant forms.

Another advantage of growing bulbs is the ease with which these plants adapt themselves to a varied habitat. Whatever the reason for growing bulbs, the main advantage is for enjoyment and their beauty

(pictured: Hyacinth Gipsy Queen)

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