VIP Party

What time is the Firkin Party?

Our Firkin Party will start with the tapping of the Firkin at 3:00 p.m.

Only guests with VIP tickets will be admitted. A limited number are available. Purchase early!


Do you want to tap the Firkin? Perhaps decide the flavor profile?

Inquire about our sponsorship opportunities. Not only do you get to try the Firkin, a one-time special brew, but the entire event will be open early to you. This includes all of the beers, entertainment and food, and of course the Firkin.

You might be wondering . . . What is a Firkin?

A standard barrel of beer contains 117.34 liters or roughly 30.96 gallons. A keg that contains a fourth of a barrel of beer is called a Firkin. Firkin dates back to the mid-15th century as an ale vessel. The origin of the word is based on the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn, which means “fourth” In terms of size. A Firkin is equal to 9 imperial gallons, which is 10.8 US gallons, which ends up being approximately 86 16-ounce pints of beer.

Typically the Firkin is dedicated to housing real ale or beer that has not been cold-filtered, pasteurized and carbonated by outside equipment. In essence, a Firkin’s content is comparable to the ale beers that were produced hundreds of years ago, before industrialization subjected them to pasteurization.

Firkins can be wooden or metal. The most curious thing about them is the manner in which they are tapped. The keg is laid on its side and the spout is driven in horizontally.  If it is not done correctly it can get a bit messy.

A breathing tube is inserted in the bung which is now on top to enhance the flow of beer using only gravity. Carbon dioxide is not used to carbonate or push the beer out. It is a naturally fermented and carbonated beer in a small batch.

Many beer lovers think beer tastes much better this way!