Youth Education Opportunities

Whirlwind: Art in Motion

Summer Classes: Kinetic Art for Kids
Target Audience:  Students entering 1st through 5th grade
Registration Cost: $15 (non-member) or $10 (Friends of the Arboretum member) per student, plus admission.
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WINDMILLS: A KANSAS KINETIC: Recreate a famous Kansas icon, and learn more about the importance of windmills in the history of our state.

Dates offered:

August 9

A School Curriculum:  Exploring Art, Math & Science through Kinetic Sculpture
Target Audience:  Middle School, High School

PRE-TEACHING:  Students define Kinetic art; give an example. Teacher supplements answers with additional information

Students presented with vocabulary common to construction of Kinetic art:
- Math:  Golden ratio, Golden angle, Arc Circumference Phyllotaxis,
- Science:  Spheres, Levers, bearings, balance, torque, friction
- Art:  Scale, proportion, Balance, Aesthetics, Harmony
Supplemental materials:  Pictures of kinetic sculptures, Videos from provided resource sections

FIELD TRIP:  Students will view sculptures at Arboretum and draw conclusions about the elements present in each sculpture (based on the pre-teaching principles). Through this process a compare and contrast discussion can follow on site, or in the classroom, as an oral or written assignment.

APPLICATION:  Using materials provided at the end of the field trip, in the classroom, students in small groups will design and construct a Kinetic Sculpture, discuss design decisions and demonstrate the sculpture's performance.

Downloadable lesson plans available HERE.

Contact the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Garden at 913-685-3604 to arrange a field trip.