39 Seasons of Making Memories at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

It’s an honor to serve as Chairperson of Friends of the Farmstead this year – the 39th season of Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead!
The memories that are made each year by our guests at the Farmstead are priceless; and people of every generation have a story to tell after visiting the Farmstead. The Farmstead truly brings generations together!
This month, I had the opportunity to work alongside high school juniors as we volunteered at the Farmstead.  There were a lot of leaves to rake; there was a cold March wind; and as with most teenagers, it was tough to get them to say more than two words at a time.  Until we took a break to warm up in the Dairy Barn filled with newborn baby goats!  Suddenly, interactions with the animals got them talking and sharing and smiling!  They all had memories of coming to the Farmstead when they were little, and shared what they liked the most.  That’s what I love most about the Farmstead. The venue transports you, the vistas relax you, and the interactive experiences create very special memories.
I invite you to make new memories at the Farmstead this season!
Get all our events on your calendar!  From June Bug Ball to Safety Day; from Moo-vie & Music Nights to Pumpkin Hollow and Night of the Living Farm, there are great memories to be made for all ages!  And even a night for adults when The Suburbans will rock the Farmstead at Moonshine on the Farm on Saturday night, August 26th.
When you attend an event, or purchase an annual membership or tribute gift, you are supporting Friends of The Farmstead and our mission of helping Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead realize it’s long-term potential.
Every Friend of the Farmstead Advisory Board Member wants the Farmstead to continue to be a jewel of Overland Park and a memory maker for generations to come – ensuring that those high school juniors that volunteered will continue to visit the Farmstead and make memories with their kids and their grandkids.  Come say “hello,” and share your favorite Farmstead memory with us at our booth during events.  We’d love to meet you!
Patti Aspenleiter
Chairperson, Friends of the Farmstead